The Year I . . .

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

I was determined not to make any actual New Year’s Resolutions. Never mind that I rarely went through with them, just the idea was exhausting. Then I saw a T-shirt on some celebrity Instagram post that said “Make intentions, not resolutions”, or something along these lines.

So here are some minor (and not so minor) intentions:

  • Read More (Minor and Not so Minor)
  • Write More (Not Minor in the slightest)
  • Finish the series’ I started (there have been many, but that will help with my Goodreads challenge)
  • Love myself more (Major)

With these intentions, instead of burdening myself with more things to do, I’m merely increasing the things I want to do and adding something that is essential to my life. More reading for pleasure instead for what I think people might want to see reviews of. More writing for myself and maybe thinking about writing things I would want to read. More loving myself, in spite of and even because of my faults and failings.

Have you set any resolutions for this year? Would it help to change your perspective from resolutions to intentions? Have you added something that you don’t really care about (I mean, do you? Do you really care about it?). Did you forget to set an intention for something fun or something you love?

I hope this new year brings great things for you all!

As for me, I intend to happily read, happily write, and love more!

*Originally posted on previous blog January 15, 2020

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