When You Lose the Feeling

I’m Talking About Your Story

This girl in the picture is sitting in the middle of a forest, backpack full of provisions (most likely); she has the proper clothes, and she’s on what looks like a path. But she’s sitting, not facing forward, not towards her destination, and her face is hidden as she sits, looking lost.

This is how I feel right now with my WIP. I’ve somehow lost the feeling of my story. Have you ever lost the feeling of your story?

Sometimes it’s more than just genre. The genre my story would fit in is fantasy. Narrow that down further and you could call it epic fantasy. Maybe. See, that’s not entirely important. I’m not missing what I know about the genre. I’m missing the particular, unique feeling I had towards my own story. That feeling of ownership, laced with awe and interest. That feeling of being excited about the story I was creating.


The way you feel about your story is very personal. You can talk about it, or write about it (like I’m doing now) but most people, even other writers, may not understand what exactly it was that you lost. I call it a feeling, but in a way, I mean so much more than that. The essence, maybe. The core. The term doesn’t matter actually. I just know that I’ve lost it.


I’m being particular about using the term ‘lost’ instead of saying it’s gone. It’s not gone. It hasn’t disappeared. It’s somewhere else. Of course, I’m talking about the intangible, so what can I possibly mean about it being somewhere elseI don’t knowBut you get it, don’t you?

Especially the writers.


It’s frustrating, but I’m not worried. I’ll find it again. I found my way to it the first time, I can find my way to it again. Of course, it’s inconvenient, especially with the deadline I assigned myself, but, really, what time would be convenient. I would prefer it not happen at all.

Have you lost the feeling of your story? Have you found it again? What did you do, and how did you go about it? Have you found ways to avoid losing the feeling in the future?

Let me know in the comments. And may you find the feeling of your own story.

*Originally posted on previous blog on February 12, 2020

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