Reviews: My Methodology

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I use the word methodology somewhat loosely, because I did indeed think on this, but I also did not want to set myself rules for my review methodology that were too rigid. I also wanted to set this methodology down in a post in case anyone had any questions about how I review and where I’m coming from.

Review Methodology

I’m Never Going to Review a Book I Haven’t Finished

If you see a book on my blog that I am reviewing, that is a book I have finished. Which means that, in general, most of the books you see on my blog I have enjoyed at least a little, because I’m not going to finish a book I’m not enjoying.

I am Not Here to be Negative

There have been books I’ve finished that I did not like. If I can say nothing good about the book, I’m probably not going to review it on this blog. But this is a very rare occurrence, because as I said, I usually don’t waste time reading books I don’t like.

I Try to Be Clear When I am Stating a Personal Opinion

When I review a book, I try to be clear when I am stating a personal opinion, for my goal is to never review in a manner that influences people to not read a book. For example, I recently read Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman, which was an excellent and interesting read, but some of the subject matter is such that it’s also not a book I would re-read, nor would I quickly pick up a similar book (at least not right away). However, if I were to review it, I would say the same thing, but I would also focus on what I liked about it and why I liked it enough to finish it.

I Try to Give Fair Warning of Graphic Subject Matter

There are readers of all types, and what some readers are sensitive to may be very different from what I am sensitive to. If I find something is graphic (in my opinion) or may be graphic to someone else, I usually try to make note of that without giving too much away about the plot. If I miss something, it’s most likely because it didn’t make an impact on me in the sense that I found it triggering or graphic, and the omission was not intentional.

I Don’t Review Every Book I Read

If you’ve begun to follow me on Goodreads you might notice some books in my “Read List” that I have not reviewed. Sometimes it’s because I’m tired, sometimes it’s because I’m reading it for the second (third, fifth, tenth) time, and sometimes it’s because I’m reading through a series, and don’t feel the need to review every book in the series.

I Don’t Use the Star Method

If you look through my Goodreads, you’ll probably understand why I won’t use the star method here. If I enjoyed a book, I’m usually like, “Yeah, five stars!”, and so that method has become kind of meaningless to me. Not to mention, I find it kind of vague. I like being particular about why I’m recommending a book, and whom I am recommending it to.

So, this is my current method of reviewing. I hope you enjoy my reviews, or at the very least, are encouraged to read more books!

*Originally posted on previous blog June 6, 2020

2 thoughts on “Reviews: My Methodology

  1. Craig H June 12, 2020 / 10:02 am

    This methodology is spot on! Always good to have something like this to point to, too. I think everyone who sees a review likes to know what the criteria are for the review to see how to apply it to their own tastes, and this gets to that really well.


    • Kendra Boersen June 12, 2020 / 10:03 am

      Exactly my reasoning for making this post!

      Liked by 1 person

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