New Blog Series

Photo by Will Kirk on Unsplash

I have some exciting things planned for this blog. Although I have allowed myself to be more open in terms of what I write about on this blog rather than boxing myself in with one topic, I do want to concentrate on writing quite often.

With that in mind, I have come up with a few more writing-centered blog series’ for Kendra&Story.

Trope Explorer

Trope Explorer will explore literary tropes that are common, while giving suggestions on how to either avoid them or use them in a way to make them new and exciting. I will also be examining how the tropes are used in popular books and movies, and presenting my own thoughts on the tropes themselves.

There will be a writing prompt with each post based on the trope discussed.

I will be getting the “definition” of the trope from, but expanding on them in my own way. I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey!

Kendra&Visual Prompts

I am a huge fan of the many artists on (in case you couldn’t tell), but there isn’t a way all the time to use every photo I come across, no matter how inspiring I find it. That’s why I came up with Kendra&Visual Prompts where I will post a photo (with due credit to the photographer, of course) once or twice (I haven’t decided yet) a week. With each photo will come a writing prompt based on what’s happening in the photo, with suggestions for each main genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction, and Horror.


With Kendra&Vocab, the gist of this blog series is to build a writer’s vocabulary. Once or twice a week I will post about a word (or two), and use visuals, prompts, and other methods to make it an interesting learning experience.

If you find these interesting, please check out my First Sentence Musings blog series, a series where I explore various opening lines of fiction.

As always, I am constantly trying to think of ways to make this blog amazing for my readers, so expect more fun things in the future!

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