Kendra&Visual Prompts #1

Fiction Prompt:

Write a story/scene where your character comes across this scene (depicted above). Describe their thoughts and potential actions, but also connect this event to something in their past.

Science Fiction Prompt:

Write a story/scene where a thousand years in the future former Earth natives come back to an empty Earth. This is close to where they land, and one of the first things they see. What is their reaction? Do they recognize what a horse is? Is there any other sign of human life?

Fantasy Prompt

Write a story/scene where magic users from another world come across this scene on one of their first forays into our world. What kind of world do they come from? Do they recognize technology? Do they recognize an animal like a horse? What happens when they come across the plane?

Mystery Prompt

Write a story/scene where a detective is trying to find a loose horse in connection with their case. They finally find the horse in this field. Why is the horse loose? Why is it connected with the case? Does the plane have anything to do with the case?

Romance Prompt

Write a story/scene where two people are lost in a seemingly empty wilderness. They meet at this plane. Do they know each other? Are they strangers? Leap forward in time and write about their relationship after this meeting and how it effected their romance.

Historical Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene about an accidental time traveler who arrives through a time portal at this spot. Either make an original historical character or use an historical figure. Describe their reactions to the wrecked plane and their current circumstances. Write entirely from their perspective and describe what’s going on in the picture from what they would have known from whatever time period they came from.

Horror Prompt

Write a story/scene where something horrific happens at the site of this picture. Perhaps a group of teenagers come across the plane and it’s haunted. Perhaps write a story of before the plane is destroyed. How is the horse involved.

Let your imagination run wild!

All of these prompts are suggestions. Let your imagination run wild and your creativity flow. Link any stories you post online from these prompts in the comments below. I want to read them!

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