Kendra&Vocab #2


Saccharine [ sak-er-in, –uh-reen, –uh-rahyn ]


1. of the nature of or resembling that of sugar: a powdery substance with a saccharine taste.

2. containing or yielding sugar.

3. very sweet to the taste; sugary: a saccharine dessert.

4. cloyingly agreeable or ingratiating: a saccharine personality.

5. exaggeratedly sweet or sentimental: a saccharine smile; a saccharine song of undying love.

Writing Prompt

Write a story/scene where you use the word saccharine in a description of either a person’s personality or tone, or some part of a setting (think colors or ambiance). What place could you walk into that would remind you of sugar and sweetness?

Interesting Facts

1670s, “of or like sugar,” from Medieval Latin saccharum “sugar,” from Latin saccharon “sugar,” from Greek sakkharon, from Pali sakkhara, from Sanskrit sarkara “gravel, grit” (see sugar). Metaphoric sense of “overly sweet” first recorded 1841. For the sugar substitute, see saccharin.

Online Etymology Dictionary

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