Kendra&Visual Prompts #2

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Fiction Prompt

Using the café in this photograph as a setting, write about the first day of work for a new employee, and use the opportunity to create character sketches of the regular customers.

Science Fiction Prompt

Describe a scene using the setting in this photo, but slowly reveal over the course of the scene that this “café” is in fact on a space ship taking colonists to a new life on another planet.

Fantasy Prompt

Describe a first meeting in the setting in the photo above. Either the first meeting of two long-lost family members, friends that met online, or even a Tinder date. However, one of the characters is a supernatural/magic creature and this is their first time in a human café. Write the scene from the perspective of the human character.

Mystery Prompt

The setting pictured above is the usual meeting place for a pair/group of amateur detectives. Write a scene where this group has one of their many meetings about a current mystery their trying to solve. Never fully state what exactly the mystery is, or who it is they’re talking about. Just let the scene flow naturally.

Romance Prompt

Café’s are often used in romance novels and movies as a setting for a break-up or a meet-cute/first meeting. Use this setting in a romance, but write the scene neither about a break-up or a first meeting. Perhaps write the characters at a comfortable pint in their relationship, or with some outside tension effecting it. Try to make the romance shine through without using any of the obvious romantic clichés.

Historical Fiction Prompt

Write a scene in one of the earliest cafés when they were first coming into being. Choose any location you like and try to bring a sense of the cultural zeitgeist of the day.

Horror Prompt

Write a story/scene set in the setting in image above. An employee closing the café turns around to find a mysterious figure standing in the middle of the café. The doors have already been locked. Or, early morning café regulars arrive to find the door open . . . and the employees nowhere in sight.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

These prompts are just suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Please link your story/scene in the comments below!

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