Kendra&Visual Prompts #3

*This photo was taken in Yili, Xinjiang, China.

Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene where a group of characters travel to the setting pictured above. Why are they there? Is this a relaxing trip, a meaningful trip, a trip fraught with danger? Do these characters have a connection with this place?

Science Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene about a character from a society that has no natural places or land. Describe their feelings upon seeing all of this natural landscape. How do they react to the colors, the feeling of the grass and the air? Is it overwhelming? Freeing? Are they horrified? Delighted?

Fantasy Prompt

Write a story/scene where a group of characters is traveling across a similar landscape. How are they traveling? Are they using horses, walking on foot, riding dragons. Use this opportunity to write a group traveling in fantastical ways.

Mystery Prompt

Write a story/scene where a dead body is found in the setting pictured above. How was the person killed? What kind of clues were left behind? How far away from human habitation are they? Who found the body?

Romance Prompt

Write a story/scene where it culminates in two lovers meeting after a long time in the setting above. They see each other from a distance and run to meet each other. How long have they been apart? Can they run to each other with ease, or does the landscape make it difficult? Consider writing the scene with some humor.

Historical Fiction Prompt

In the picture above, it seems there may be a small flock of sheep on one of the hills. Write a story/scene about one of the first people who decides to bring their sheep to this landscape. What are some of the problems they run across? How was it to tend sheep in this sort of landscape when they first came across it? Were they lonely? Did they have a family?

Horror Prompt

Write a story/scene where a sheep farmer keep seeing a figure standing far off. Perhaps on another hill one second, then much closer the next. Who is this mysterious figure? What do they want? How do they travel so fast? What happens next?

Let your imaginations run wild!

As always, these are only suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Please link/share your stories in the comment section below!

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