Kendra&Vocab #4


Landgrave [land-greyv]


1. (in medieval Germany) a count having jurisdiction over a large territory.

2. (usually initial capital letter) the title of certain German princes.

(the feminine form is Landgravine [land-gruh-veen]

I know. This is such a specific word, but honestly, as a fantasy writer, any new words for anything to do with aristocracy and/or landed gentry (weapons, land, etc.) is a boon. And Landgrave is really an interesting sound, and much less common than “lord” or another equivalent title.

Writing Prompt

Write a story/scene where this word is used in either the description or an actual conversation. Try to make it sound natural.

Interesting Facts

Landgrave, feminine landgravine, a title of nobility in Germany and Scandinavia, dating from the 12th century, when the kings of Germany attempted to strengthen their position in relation to that of the dukes (Herzoge). The kings set up “provincial counts” (Landgrafen) over whom the dukes would have no control and who would have rank and authority equivalent to those of dukes. Later—and more commonly—the title was given to counts in order to make them directly dependent on the king (or emperor).

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