Kendra&Visual Prompts #5

*Photographer Notes: “Green grass and medieval Castle; ruins of Serravalle Castle (XI century A.D.), Ticino, Switzerland.”

Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene where the setting are these ruins (or similar). Why are your characters there? Is it their land? Are they visiting? Do the ruins hold some sort of meaning for your characters? Are the ruins the setting for a break up, an argument, a discovery? Explore using setting as a the starting point of your plot.

Science Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene where an advanced civilization comes across these ruins or similar. What are their reactions to the architecture, the room placement, the glimpses of the way these people lived? Are these the ruins of their ancestors, or is this a different culture entirely? Use the opportunity to write a story/scene where you illustrate the differences between a modern, technologically advanced society and their ancestors/less technologically apt civilizations.

Fantasy Prompt

Write a story/scene where an immortal being (your pick which kind) visits a home they used to live in a long, long time ago. Describe their feelings seeing it in ruins. Why did they leave? Was it for a good reason or a bad reason? Did they leave in heartbreak or were they escaping? How will seeing their old home effect them going forward?

Mystery Prompt

Write a story/scene where the ruins are the site of a murder. The body has been found there, and now the investigation is in full bloom. What does the murder have to do with ruins? Do the suspects and the victims have an interest in the ruins? Describe the scene when the body is found; is it a tourist? Someone close to the victim who finds the body? What are the emotions happening in this scene.

Romance Prompt

Write a story/scene where the ruins are the site of a break up that ends up leading to something good. How does the atmosphere of the ruins add to the emotional subtext of the break up? Do the ruins play into the characters moving on or falling in love again later?

Historical Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene where you use the ruins in the picture as inspiration for a castle in it’s heyday. What would the castle look like during it’s prime. Who would have lived there? Were the people who lived there safe? Why would it have been abandoned. Tell the story of the castle through the eyes of people who have lived there.

Horror Prompt

Write a story/scene where someone lives in a fully-restored version of the castle, goes out, and returns to find it in ruins. What happened while they were gone? What sort of creature/event could have done this? Did they leave anyone behind in the castle that they now wonder if they are alive? What does this mean for the character going forward?

Let Your Imaginations Run Wild!

As always, these are only suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Please link/share your stories in the comment section below!

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