Kendra&Visual Prompts #6

Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene where a character unfamiliar with wolves comes across one. Maybe it’s someone from the city. Maybe it’s a young child. Whoever it is, they have a preconceived notion of what wolves are like, and the reality is far different, and perhaps either awe-inspiring or terrifying.

Science Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene of an alien coming across a wolf on its visit to earth. How does the interaction go? What does the alien think of the wolf? Does the alien have a similar creature back home? Do they have the equivalent of a wolf on their planet? How does the encounter end for either the wolf or the alien?

Fantasy Prompt

Write a story/scene where your character discovers that the wolf roaming the woods is actually a werewolf. Does the character know of werewolves already? Are they a recognized species in their world? Or is it like a myth came alive before their eyes? Why is the werewolf there? How will your character react?

Mystery Prompt

Write a story/scene where a detective is trying to solve a mystery where the only witness is a wolf. How can the detective figure it out when the only witness is an animal? How would the behavior of the wolf give them clues? Is this a realistic story, or are there some fantasy elements to it? How aware is the wolf?

Romance Prompt

Write a story/scene where the biggest issue between two lovers is a wolf. Maybe one person owns livestock, and the other wants to protect wolves from extinction. Maybe one of the lovers keeps seeing the wolf, and the other doesn’t. How is this conflict resolved?

Historical Fiction Prompt

Write a story/scene taking a page from the movie Alpha, or at least the premise. How does the first meeting of man and wolf go? How did they become “friends”? How did man first domesticate wolves? To change it up, maybe set the story in another ancient culture other than European cultures (although wolves were generally in Europe and North America, etc., but just play with it a little. Maybe they were captured. Maybe they had to travel over mountain passes).

Horror Prompt

Write a story/scene about a wolf or a werewolf, where the monster is neither a wolf nor a werewolf. The wolf/werewolf is involved in the story, but the true monster is something else. Maybe the wolf (or the werewolf) is a victim in the story. Maybe the werewolf (or the wolf) saves the person, or doesn’t get there in time. What sort of creature would be frightening to a wolf or a werewolf?

Let your imaginations run wild!

As always, these are only suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Please link/share your stories in the comment section below!

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