Kendra&Visual Prompts #7

Photo by Jake Irish on Unsplash

*Photographer’s Note: Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia, Camping overnight in an Airstream in the stunning location of Uyuni, Bolivia.

Fiction Prompt: Write a story/scene where a group of families who have been friends for a long time go camping together similar to the picture above. Are the kids friends? Are they young, teens, or adults? What are the currents and the secrets that are going back and forth between these friends and families? What could make or break a night out under the stars for them?

Science Fiction Prompt: Write a story/scene where friends or family go camping and have an encounter with something strange. Perhaps an alien, or maybe Bigfoot, something that we have caught glimpses of but that no one really believes. How does this encounter turn out? Is it dangerous? Does someone die? Or do they all survive, but are changed forever?

Fantasy Prompt: Write a story/scene in an modern fantasy landscape where a group of people live in caravans similar to the Airstreams in the picture. Why do they live like that? Are there fantastical creatures involved? Are they families, co-workers, friends? Are they studying something (dragons? dryads? selkies?) and following their patterns? How would you describe camping in a modern fantasy world?

Mystery Prompt: Write a story/scene where something happens at a campsite where a mystery must be solved. Time is running out, all of the suspects are there and no one else is around for miles. The camp-site becomes a sort of locked door mystery scene of the crime, and one of the campers is the only one who can solve it. Is it a murder? Is it theft? Did someone disappear?

Romance Prompt: Write a story/scene where a romance is kindled on a starry night at camp site similar to the one in the picture. Are the two lovers new acquaintances or have they known each other for years? Did their relationship start off antagonistic, and they realized they were wrong about the other person? Did they like each other before, and they find out something on the trip that makes things difficult for them? Do they discover their feelings and reveal them, or do they keep them secret, even from each other?

Historical Fiction Prompt: Write a story/scene where the Airstreams above are actually covered wagons. Where are these campers traveling too? Are they pioneers traveling to new land? Are they refugees trying to find a home somewhere else? What time period would you choose? How long ago did this journey take place? How long of a journey did these travelers make?

Horror Prompt: Write a story/scene where a camp site becomes the scene of some horrific event. Perhaps it’s a ghost sighting at a known haunted area? Perhaps it’s a creature that no one thought existed? Perhaps it’s a lone killer who stalks the campers through the woods or over the desert? Does anyone survive? Who is telling the story?

Let your imaginations run wild!

As always, these are only suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Please link/share your stories in the comment section below!

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