Letting the Desire for “Aesthetic” Weaken Your Story

I think we’ve all come across this through different story mediums. That movie that would have been so good . . . if they had actually fleshed out the story. That book that would have been amazing . . . if the author hadn’t become entranced with their character’s ennui. That play that would have been incredible . . . if you could actually hear the players over the music or see their actions through the mood lighting.

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Rewiring the Brain

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

Humans are habitual creatures. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly building habits and then living daily with those same habits. In many ways, building habits is a subconscious exercise.

When we move to a new area, we have to rebuild certain habits. But very quickly, we’re going to the same gas station every week, the same grocery store, the same restaurant for brunch on Sundays.

We schedule our lives around habits. Our morning routines are made up of various habits developed over the years.

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Do What Is Before You

A conversation I had this morning was the inspiration for this post. The conversation was about how when you have a goal for the future, what are the steps you do to get there? When it takes a long time to reach that goal, the process can start to weigh on you, and eventually you may find yourself, at worst, simply existing.

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Seeking the Familiar: Music Edition

Books are not the only medium that fuels my imagination. Music has always been a large part of my life and a constant soundtrack to my daydreams and creative writing brainstorm sessions.

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Seeking the Familiar

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

I’ve noticed that whenever I am in a depressive slump or reading slump (and sometimes these two go together or even cause the other) I tend to veer back toward the familiar. A series I enjoyed when I was in a different mood or a different time in my life. A book I’ve adored since childhood.

Sometimes I simply just want to experience again the same thrills and excitement I felt reading the book the first time.

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When You Lose the Feeling

I’m Talking About Your Story

This girl in the picture is sitting in the middle of a forest, backpack full of provisions (most likely); she has the proper clothes, and she’s on what looks like a path. But she’s sitting, not facing forward, not towards her destination, and her face is hidden as she sits, looking lost.

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