Trope Explorer #1: Plot Armor

In general, it seems risky to put your protagonist in such eminent danger that there’s a strong possibility that they could die unless you use a Deus Ex Machina or other type of trope to constantly save them. That, or Plot Armor.

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May Reads

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

As you may have noticed (or, perhaps not), I did not create a post for my March or April Reads. Like everyone else (or most people) I was at home under the quarantine. Did I read a lot? Oh, yes, I most definitely did. I read my little heart out. However, I’m just going to jump right into May Reads, because honestly, why look back? At this point, I need to move forward with this year, because, holy cow. It has been a doozy.


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Lemonade in the Shed, Part 2

Top photo by Alexander Shustov on Unsplash and bottom photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash 

   Mrs. Stilinski stationed herself near the open front door as Kate stepped into the house, letting the screen door bang closed behind her. The hinges still screamed when the door moved, making her grit her teeth at the sound. She heard shuffling in the living room, footsteps, and then her father appeared in the hallway, Coors Light in hand. 

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