Trope Explorer #4: Little Miss Badass

As a woman I sometimes find this trope annoying, and as a sister to someone who would definitely qualify as a Little Miss Badass (a three-dimensional, awesome, loving, fun little badass of a sister, btw) I can understand why this trope can be fun and interesting, but also a little on-the-nose and formulaic.

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Trope Explorer #3: Comforting the Widow

Photo by Kenny Orr on Unsplash

In many action or adventure plots there is a story arc that can contain this trope, or an equivalent. Comforting the Widow can be a trope that can either have negative or positive results, depending on the situation. Usually, comforting the widow involves a friend or family friend of the deceased comforting the widow in a way that leads to a close friendship that also, sometimes, leads to a romantic relationship or physical relationship.

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Letting the Desire for “Aesthetic” Weaken Your Story

I think we’ve all come across this through different story mediums. That movie that would have been so good . . . if they had actually fleshed out the story. That book that would have been amazing . . . if the author hadn’t become entranced with their character’s ennui. That play that would have been incredible . . . if you could actually hear the players over the music or see their actions through the mood lighting.

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